Saturday, 19 September 2015

Blackberries and Maples!

You may be surprised to know that I was quite the domestic goddess today! (even I'm surprised!)

I made soup from homegrown tomatoes, basil, tarragon & celery; YUM

Made a fruit crumble from homegrown apples, white currants & 2 raspberries (and no shop bought crumble mix either! Oh no!  I made my own cinnamon crumble!); DOUBLE YUM

And .... (hold on to your hats) made a Victoria sponge, from scratch, with homemade plum jam (made by my friend!)!

I even took my youngest blackberry picking!!

Blackberry picking!

I'm in danger of growing my hair long, dying it black, and considerably upsizing my hips!!

And there was some sewing too!

Brit Bee Block R4
Pears & Mini Maple leaf blocks from Farm Girl Vintage
This is my block in Brit Bee Round 4.

This year we are each designing a block to make up 1 quilt design. At the end of our year(ish) we will all have the same quilt design, but made with a block from each of the other 11 members to go with our own block.  Clear as mud?!

Brit Bee Block R4

We also make a 15" centre block to get started.  Because of the Farm Girl Vintage vibe going on round here, I thought I'd use the baby chick block I'd previously made from the book, bringing it up to size with Low Volume borders.

Farm Girl Vintage blocks

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about being Cover Girl for Sewing World this month!

Sewing World Oct15

I heard today I made a double entry in October issue of Quilt Now!  Woohoo!  When I get to see a copy I'll post some pics here of what I made!

Have a fab weekend!

Jude xo


  1. Food is so much better from the own garden and congratulation to the magazine entries. Well done!

  2. Good Morning Judith, I have been enjoying your projects on Pinterest and loving all the ways you use scraps in your stitching. I save all my scraps and because of you I have many ideas on ways to turn them into beautiful things for our home and gifts for friends and family. I'm retired and living on a tight budget, so being able to turn them into lovely gift worthy items is a pure joy. You are such an inspiration! Your cake looks wonderful and congratulations on getting your items published. I am your newest follower.
    Connie :)

  3. Any cake left? It looks amazing. Well done.

  4. Mmmmm crumble, yay for all the other stuff, but mmmmmm crumble!!!!!!

  5. Domestic goddess and then some. I expect batik tops and flowy skirts too. Everything looks fab, yummy and like you've been lying about your ability to cook all these years. Loving your Brit bee blocks.x

  6. Well done, Nigella... Er.. Judith! It all looks scrumptious, especially those sweet pears!!


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