Friday, 21 August 2015

Nesting Boxes Tutorial

Girls love stuff!

Trust me, I know!  In a house of 4 females, there is lots and lots of stuff!

So here's an idea on how to keep some of that stuff organised and tidy!

Nesting Boxes

These cute nesting boxes are so easy to make, and are stiffened with sew-in vilene.

Nesting Boxes

They will house lots of girly trinkets and would look good on a dressing table too!

Nesting Boxes

Or how about some desk tidies for a guy gift!

Desk Tidies/Change Trays

However you choose to use these boxes, you will have them made in no time at all, and can add another gift idea to your list!

The fabrics for the girly boxes are available at Fabric Yard, where you can get the full tutorial.

And while you're there, check out Alice's great summer sale!  There are bargains to be had, and only £1 flat rate shipping within UK!

Have fun!

(I have now fixed the links to all other Fabric Yard tutorials on my tutorials page - thank you for your patience!)

Jude xo


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