Saturday, 1 August 2015

Goodbye July!

Well July is forgettable for lots of reasons. Mainly the weather (would you believe I've had my electric blanket on a few nights recently!!).

And having an injured ankle, blocked ears (& no hearing) for 2 weeks, followed by a cold just about finished off any chance of having a fun and productive sewing month!  (Not to mention having to miss my dear friend's thanksgiving service and Brit Bee meet up!)

July15 Roundup

While my 'Monthly Mosaic of Makes' for July looks a bit measly, there are a few other items I can't show you yet, at least not until they are published.

I've been making good progress on my Farm Girl Vintage Farmhouse Lane quilt.  All 9 houses & 6 trees are complete.

Farmgirl Vintage Farmhouse Lane

There are 16 x 6" 'Welcome' blocks to make, for the rows inbetween.  I've one made and all the pieces cut out for the rest.  But oh my, those 1.5" squares!! There are hundreds of 'em - in the 6" blocks, the tree blocks and the houses!!!  They're everywhere!  Oh how I wish I had a 1.5" Sizzix die!

Farmgirl Vintage Farmhouse Lane

So, I think little and often will be the order of the day for these wee blocks!

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Jude xo


  1. You have done well despite your ills. I love the Farmhouse Lane quilt and truly understand the 1.5" feeling with MSW.
    I do hope you are on the mend.x

  2. I adore these houses, the quilt is going to be so amazing when finished. Your July sewing makes are still more prolific than mine, and I don't even have an excuse. Hope you are felling better. x

  3. Looks very productive to me, even without the series of unfortunate events!

  4. I found here from instagram. Nice blog! You got yourself a new reader :)


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