Friday, 3 April 2015

Quilt Topping!

I've been in the mood lately to make quilt tops!  It's my favourite part of the quilting process (no, not the quilting!).

I had a commission 'boy' quilt top to make for a friend (she will do the quilting & finishing):

Commission Child quilt

I had also acquired some Heather Bailey squares and just couldn't resist piecing them together!

'Nicey Jane' quilt top Then there was the (not so) small matter of some flying geese borders on a secret Brit Bee medallion!

Brit Bee Medallion

And with my latest Scrappy Rainbows quilt top and the Scrappy Stripping Quilt top made in recent weeks, I think that means I've a summer of quilting coming up!!

Wishing you all a great Easter weekend!

Jude xo


  1. It looks like you have been making such pretty quilts, and a summer of quilting is a good thing.

  2. You've been busy, great work. Hope you have a lovely Easter with your girls x

  3. All so lovely. If only there was a quilting fairy I would probably never stop making quilt tops!

  4. How pretty the Heather Bailey one is. I have to say that the quilting is my least favourite part of all. x

  5. What a lovely week - I'm not sure which top is my favourite! Hope you're enjoying some Easter sunshine xx

  6. More wonderful work! Wishing you a joyous Easter xx

  7. Loving the Heather Bailey! If you'd like it hand quilted then you can always send it my way!! I LOVE the quilting process and see the patchworking bit as a means to an end....such a good job we're not all the same! And thank you for all you've done for Bee Blessed.....I loved being an eensy, weensy, teensy part of it. Enjoy the rest of Easter. xx

  8. All of these make me happy! I've flying geese on my mind lately - lovely to see yours :)

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