Thursday, 22 May 2014

Picnic Cushions

This week I've been working my way through a huge pile of foam squares my dad recently gave me!

Poppy and the Patio/Picnic Cushions
Poppy getting in on the action!
I've particularly enjoyed using my mini power tool for trimming the foam to size!

Electric Bread Knife!
I will be teaching a workshop in the summer on patio/picnic cushions, and have been experimenting with some class samples.

Patio/Picnic cushions

These covers are un-patchworked (such a word?) and have piping and a Velcro opening.

Next up I tried a smaller patchworked version.  I have an upholstery needle on order and might try sewing some buttons on this one.

Patchwork patio cushion

Finally, I couldn't resist recycling some denim for a hard wearing cover, also with piping, but this time with a zippered opening.

Denim picnic cushion

So in addition to a quick lesson on how to make your own bias binding, there are a few different elements here for folks to try out on their cushions.

I've really enjoyed making these and will definitely be making more!  All we need now is for summer to arrive!

Jude xo

Picnic Carry Cushions Saturday Workshop: 19/7, 10am - 4pm


  1. not only pleasing to look at but very practical too, very nice

  2. oh, my!!! these are fantastic! I so love that denim one with a striped piping- perfection at its best.

  3. Lots of variety to suit different tastes. I love the denim one!

  4. This will be a fun workshop. The denim one is great with the piping.

  5. I usually have a favourite when looking at finished projects but I love every one of these so much it's impossible to choose a favourite (except perhaps Poppy, although I guess that doesn't count!) x

  6. Hi Judith! I wish I could join your workshop! I would make denim-patchwork - looks fantastic! x Teje

  7. Love them all, but particularly the bright, summery patchwork one!

  8. Loving the cushions...perhaps you could make an oilcloth one , for our "summer"?? xx

  9. I've never seen the need for an electric bread knife or carving knife, but they do make great foam cutters :oD Loving all the recent makes, and congrats to Shannon on the new blog

  10. These are all so lovely. And great use of an electric bread knife!


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