Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Silly Season!

It's been bonkers busy round here!

One of the highlights this week was visiting an annual Continental Market in Belfast for the first time (I don't get out much!).

A wonderful treat for the senses, and great company too (thanks mum and dad)!

Thursday was an emotional day!  I was greatly moved by the news of the death of Nelson Mandela!  I have read his book and consider him a giant among men.

It was also my daughter's school formal on Thursday.  I found it a very emotional experience (feelings of pride and over-protection just don't quite cover it!) & I only just held it together!

Shannon's formal Dec13

Classes continue a-frenzy, as we hurtle towards Christmas and really start panicking about all the Christmas presents we want to make!

Yesterday, a group of creatively uninhibited kids conquered their zipper feet and made these wonderful pencil cases and pouches!

Kids Zippy Pouches workshop Dec13

I love how fearless children are when it comes to sewing, putting colours and patterns together!  Well done young'uns (& adults too)!  You are an inspiration to generations of all ages.

Last night in the Hollies' Household we put up our Christmas decorations!  I'm really pleased with our 'fake' tree this year - the girls have done a brill job of decorating it!

Christmas 13 006

One more week of classes and then I can really start to panic about all the presents I haven't got yet!!

Hope you are managing to keep your head in this Silly Season!



  1. Oh your daughter looks amazing Jude, it's scary how quickly they grow up!

  2. Wow! S looks stunning, feel myself welling up and I'm not even her mum! Hang in there, when classes let up for a bit you'll find a wee space to exhale. Great zippies

  3. Those emotions just creep up and smack you at these moments don't they - daughter looks gorgeous.

  4. Loving this post! A window into your world. The pencil cases are awesome - that little pink one at the top steals my heart!

  5. I do love a good christmas market trip! Although it isn't much fun when its super busy! Hope she had a lovely night at the formal. Yay for christmas trees!!

  6. Your daughter looks gorgeous, clearly a chip off the old block! :o)

  7. What a beautiful daughter you have, Judith! I'm starting to understand the whole time flies thing with children... G turns one in less than a month, and I'm a bit tearful about how quickly it's happened!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful! I know how this time of year can be just so much of everything, I hope you take lots of tea breaks and enjoy it too.

  9. You have the best name for Christmas! Your daughter looks gorgeous. How old is she? Is this the daughter that made the pin toppers I bought? The one who is going to uni next year? I know there are three daughters so I've probably got them all mixed up!


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