Friday, 27 December 2013


Secret Santa is tradition in Brit Bee! 

I love all the excitement & chatter about what we're going to make each year, eagerly anticipating our allocated 'secret' partner and then deciding what we think they will like! 

This year we went with a cushion swap, and we could choose whether we wanted a Christmassy or regular one.

Just before Christmas, I received this stunningly beautiful Cathedral Windows cushion, perfectly crafted and exactly what I wanted!

Brit Bee Secret Santa cushion swap Dec13 002

A huge thank you to my very own Southern Santa, for spending so much time hand and machine stitching this beauty together.

Brit Bee Secret Santa cushion swap Dec13 001
It goes perfectly in my lounge!
And the one I made?

Brit Bee Secret Santa Cushion for Susan Dec13

One 20" cushion, 2 Christmas baubles! It was my absolute pleasure to make for Susan, who said she would like a Christmas cushion. 

Brit Bee Secret Santa Cushion for Susan Dec13

I found my inspiration from here, but had no pattern to work from, so did a quick drawing of some bauble type shapes and voila!

I've a couple more secret makes in the pipeline; must get cracking on those soon!

Hope you were all safe through the UK storm!



  1. Yay, I'd guessed who your Santa might be from the cathedral windows :o) It's beautiful!

    1. Sorry, I should also have commended you on your exemplary big balls :oD

  2. They are both lovely, what a lovely bee you have.

  3. gorgeous pillows. Love Katy's comment :)

  4. Hi Judith! Both pillows are adorable! That's a fun way to celebrate with sewing friends! x Teje

  5. Both gorgeous! And I was sure mines as from you!

  6. Beautiful. One day I will try to make a cathedral window , it is certainly on my list of things to do. Love the baubles too, you should write up a pattern for it now.

  7. Love the big baubles....and you got a lovely one in return x

  8. Both absolutely beautiful, what a talented group of ladies! :o)

  9. What beautiful cushions. I sew need to make some new ones. Add to my list.:)

  10. Your secret Santa got you to a T. I like the cushions for Susan too. Di x

  11. Well you know I'm thrilled with my cushion, though I had failed (in my brain dead state) to figure out who made it. Thank you so much, my lovely friend. So glad you got a equally beautiful cushion yourself.

  12. Love the cathedral windows, and those baubles are so much fun!


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