Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Okay!  So on my last post I said I would show you some more of the One in One gifts for an upcoming class.

Well, I'm going to stray from that plan a little and show you a few other bits I've been making in the meantime.

First up, a present for a lovely lady, turning 50, who loves all things vintagey!

Vintage embroidery purse 008

I used a few tray cloth embroidery fussy cuts, teamed with my fav Irish Linen!

Vintage purse
Next, some Bee Blessed blocks for last month (or was that the month before?)!

Bee Blessed wonky crosses blocks Sept13

These are the wonky crosses blocks we were making in the summer for a man quilt.  We only have a few blocks left to go, and we will have enough to start piecing this one together.

Finally, a quickie journal cover - another class sample, using red and aqua squares from my 'scrap vomit' box!

journal cover 001
More Irish Linen! Yum!
I've also been involved in some covert sewing, with another secret project about to start!  But of course, if I told you what it was, I would have to kill you!

So I guess you'll just have to wait until the big reveals!



  1. Straying from the plan? Secrets? *gasp*

    Still, what you have showed us looks fab :o)

  2. Laughing at Katy's comment - can't put it any better. Love the journal cover :)

  3. Hi Judith! Great idea for the pouch and the journal cover is just my style! Can't wait to hear more about your new projects! x Teje

  4. Oh is that what it's called? A scrap vomit box? Love that journal cover! It looks so neat and tidy and just ready to be opened!

  5. Lovely makes and I want a scrap vomit box just like yours if it has treasure in it like that!

  6. Lovely birthday pressie with the embroidered fussy cuts. I love the yellow in these wonky crosses and can't wait to pull the quilt together. Secrets - hmmph! It doesn't suit us impatient and nosey types for you to have secrets!

  7. I love this notebook cover! I need to make one for myself. The linen is just delicious

  8. Lots of loveliness here. I especially love the linen you are using.

  9. Lovely makes Jude, especially love the notebook cover


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