Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lady in Red!

My run on secret sewing finished a while ago!  And I can now reveal to you project no. 4 (only 1 more to go!).

My lovely Brit bee buddy, Susan, had a big significant birthday in July - you know the ones with a 0 on the end!!!

Well we in the Brit bee love nothing more than to hatch a secret sewing plan behind the back of an unsuspecting fellow member!

We decided to make Susie a wallhanging for her new sewing space, miniature blocks on a low volume background.

Susan's 50th Wallhanging from Brit Bee

Here she is receiving the finished mini quilt at retreat on Friday!

Susan's 50th Wallhanging from Brit Bee July13

As always, Susan's reactions never fail to disappoint!!

The blocks I contributed were Special Blessings and a Shamrock!

Mini Blocks for Susan's 50th Wallhanging

I pieced the quilt together and Trudi quilted and bound it!  Isn't it fab!  I'm sorry I didn't take time to take more close up pics of it!  I was so caught up in watching Susie's surprise!

And if you want to read more about what this wee quilt means to Susan (warning - tissues needed!) then hop on over to Susan's blog.

It was a delight and a privilege for me to be involved in the making of this special mini quilt for a special friend. 

And more exciting news!

My daughter has re-opened her Etsy shop and is now stocking lots more of these cute quilting row markers!

Quilt Row Markers for sale

There are sets of 6 & 12 available, as well as gorgeous fimo glazed jewellery!  Go check it out, and tell your friends!



  1. I look gormless! But the quilt looks amazing. Thank you so much for all you do for me. Love you loads, and loads.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt acts of kindness. Have a great day Marie x

  3. aaah, what a sweet, fantastic surprise. Love the quilt, beautiful blocks.

  4. These are great photos, no matter what Susan says, thank you for sharing them. It is a great bee.

  5. Was a great surprise ! Xx

  6. Great reactions and pictures. It is a beautiful quilt!

  7. Love the pics of her reactions! And how cute are your daughters row markers, lovely! :o)

  8. great pics, but no mascara runs or snotty dribbles? disappointed.....

  9. That is real Brit Bee love in action. The mini was gorgeous.
    Di x

  10. Haha Sarah! Gorgeous! Though you were behind the shamrock but would love a who's who!

  11. you guys make great stuff! also LOVING your daughter's row markers

  12. What a thoughtful gift for S's special birthday and her new sewing space. Bet it will be just great hanging there to remind her of all the sewing buddies who treasure her! Cute shamrock!

  13. I love these pics. As Di says above, its real Brit Bee love in action.
    Hope that the pins are not sold out
    :whizzes off to buy them all... mwahhhh:

  14. I'm pretty sure I know what Susan was saying in each of these photos lol Yay for the reopening of the Etsy shop too, I use mine all the time :o)

  15. Was swearing involved?? I love your shamrock and the wall hanging is gorgeous :)

  16. Love Susan's reaction, especially the photo of her standing on a chair with her mouth wide open! I guessed the Shamrock correctly, hehe. I loooove your daughters row markers. I saw them on someone else's blog recently and asked about them. I'm off to check out her Etsy store now!

  17. What a great reaction and a great quilt!


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