Thursday, 14 March 2013

I've Been Tangoed!

There's a bit of an orange theme to my bee blocks this month!

In Hipbees, Rachel sent us some Liberty charms and either Kona Butterscotch or Jade background to make Puss in the Corner 2.  Guess which one I got!

Rachel's Hipbees block Mar13 001

Mmmm, aren't those Liberty prints divine!

Next up, Erin wanted colour themed starflower blocks from this tutorial, for her month in Modern Irish Bee.  We got to choose the colourway so we could add something from our stash, and I chose orange!

MIB Blocks for Erin 001

I really like the scrappy look of these stars, even though they involved more hsts!!

In Brit Bee this month, we have a reprieve!  But that doesn't mean I can rest on my fabric laurels! I have a few angel (star) blocks to make, and of course some Funky Wrench blocks for Bee Blessed, and then my March commitments are fulfilled!


  1. WOW that block is really drawing me in and its got my eyes glued to it. the design Is fab.

  2. Nice tangos though! Di x

  3. Mmmm love a bit of orange myself, as you know. I also love star flowers - they look so good in all sorts of colourways. combinations and scrappy too! These orange ones are beautiful. Love the butterscotch block fro Rachel too!

  4. Lovely blocks. Rachel picked some great fabrics for us to play with!

  5. I have visions of the bald orange Tango man slapping you around the face {is that what used to happen in the ad?} and running away.
    I love your orange starburst blocks.

  6. Great way to brighten up the ongoing winter months!

  7. Oh those Liberty prints are divine aren't they?? I need to crack on with my bee block. All the pieces are cut just need to assemble. These are all lovely as ever! x

  8. Those are lovely blocks, I too love all that orange.

  9. Great bee blocks! I really enjoyed making the stars this month. Your liberty block is an interesting one...will have to think/play with that a bit more as it has great potential!


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