Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vintage Technology!

Details of my Tula Pink Prince Charming Giveaway are here.

It is now a tradition in Brit Bee to do Secret Santa!

I LOVE SECRET SANTA!  So much so, we are even doing it in our family!  Tee hee! Such excitment!

I already know that the Brit Bee buddy I was making for has received her parcel, but I'm not revealing anything just yet!

Earlier in the week I received my Brit Bee Secret Santa pressie!  Squeeeeeee!

Brit Bee Secret Santa Received Dec12

Now these pics don't do justice at all to these wonderful treasures from Santa!

The cryptic card said that everything, bar the linen and chocolate oranges (my favourite kind of fruit!), was bonafide vintage!   Mmmmm, someone who knows me well!

Brit Bee Secret Santa Received Dec12

Isn't the linen basket so beautifully made?  It has since been ironed and is now a desk tidy in my sewing room for my notelets, cards and post-it notes!

And check out the vintage buttons, fabrics & trims, not to mention the cutest wee elephant pinnie ever!

Brit Bee Secret Santa Received Dec12 Brit Bee Secret Santa Received Dec12
Brit Bee Secret Santa Received Dec12

I've worked out who my uber talented Brit Bee Mrs Santa is!  Thank you chick!  I love all my goodies!

And this is what I made with the beautiful vintage floral Mrs Santa sent me:

Ipad cover Dec12

This is an Ipad cover for my big sis. She has just as bright and colourful a personality to go with her new Ipad cover!

I hope your present making plans are on schedule! Only 3 big sleeps left!


  1. I have no idea who your secret santa is but she nailed your likes for sure. Love the ipad case too.

  2. Lovely, lovely gifts and I am in love with those buttons. Gorgeous Ipad cover for your sis.

  3. Someone has taken a lot of thought with your fab Secret Santa. I love those buttons. The iPad cover is bright and lovely too. Di x

  4. What a fun Secret Santa parcel! Great ipad cover too.

  5. Love your Santa package! Its all fantastic and I especially love that little Ellie. I'm so so tempted to open my package now!
    I love our wee secret Santa thing too :)

  6. I need to look at my list! I know who is making for me, and that it will be late, so i am living the excitement through you xxx

  7. hmm, i really have no idea who made for you, but your package is marvellous!

  8. Somebody has nice local vintage suppliers! I'm holding onto mine for Christmas day, as it's the only surprise I'll be getting lol

  9. Awesome package for you!! I know who made that... lol I also think I know who made mine so I'm really looking forward to opening it in two more days time... lol


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