Monday, 31 December 2012

Bee Blessed January Block

We are almost there! 

As 2012 draws to a close our thoughts turn to 2013 - the hopes, dreams, resolutions and plans.

I'm not one for making New Years Resolutions, or planning too far ahead.  At the moment this Saturday is far enough ahead for me, and it is the first Bee Blessed meeting of 2013!

We are still gathering in Patchwork wheel (Hug) blocks for December, but if you are ready for a new block, then here it is:

The Ladder Strip Block
Ladder Strip Block Bee Blessed Jan13

This is another block designed by Sarah, and when put with more blocks in a rail fence formation, gives a wonderful Ladder Strip Quilt design.

We are planning on making these blocks into baby and children's quilts, which will be donated to a local Mums & babies HIV unit.

If you fancy having a go at this simple block, please follow the tutorial below, and keep to bright, child friendly colours for your strips, and plain white borders.

Ladder Strip Block Tutorial:

For 1 x 12.5" unfinished block you will need:

2.5" x 8.5" strips cut from 4 different fabrics (leftover Jelly Roll strips are great!)
2 x (2.5" x 12.5") white strips
2 x (2.5" x 8.5") white strips

Assume scant 1/4" seams throughout.

1. Sew the 4 coloured strips together.  Press seams open.

2. Add the shorter white strips to the both sides of the coloured strips. Press seams open.

3. Add longer white strips to top and bottom & press seams away from centre.
4. Square block to 12.5".

Thank you in advance of your support and donations to Bee Blessed.

Have a wonderful New Years' Eve, and I'll see you on the other side!


  1. OK I will try and get some to you. I do need Trudi to keep me on the wagon though! Di x

  2. Simply gorgeous - and simple to do too!

  3. Nice block to start the year with! Happy new year sweetie x

  4. Happy new year Jude. 2012 brings to a close an exciting year of new opportunities. I have really enjoyed your classes and I really look forward to starting again in Jan. I'd love to give yr block a go-this would be my very first, great way to start the new year-new beginnings xo

  5. It's simplicity is most attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Go Gillian - you can do it!!

    Nice easy one to get 2013 off to a good start.
    Happy New Year Judith.x

  7. Nice, simple block, should look great all together :o)

  8. Oh crikey, I haven't made any Hugs yet!
    Happy New Year xxx

  9. Me neither Hadley! I it ok to use up some novelty fabrics on this block Jude!? I seem to have some kiddy stuff hanging around!

  10. I have a curious question, I am new to sewing quilts so I am sorry if this does not make sense, are you able to cut all the pieces to the correct widths but keep them long when you stitch the white/color/color/color/color/white portion of the block? It seems to me it would be easier to sew long strips together, iron, and then cut to the length to 8.5" , instead of cutting each individual strip and then sewing them. I hope this makes sense, sorry if I am not explaining it clearly.

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  14. WOW! I Love it...
    and i thing thats good for you >>

    THE SOUNDTRACK Thank you!

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