Friday, 30 November 2012

French General Finishes!

A good friend of mine gave me some of her leftover French General charm squares.

Coupled with some sumptuous linen offcuts I was saving, I made up 2 cushions for my lounge.

French General Cushions Nov12

I've been needing some new cushions in my lounge for a while.  I always need one at my back when I'm sitting watching TV.

But when I finally get around to making them, I never want to use them, or watch others squash them all out of shape!  Sad I know! 

These are made with Ikea fillers (24" x 16") and my favourite 'hidden zippered' closure.

I wonder how long I will get to enjoy these 'ornamental' pillows before they fulfil their purpose in life!!

Fab Friday everyone!


  1. I love them! French General gets it right so many times with their fabrics I think. I also love decorating with red.

  2. Keep the freaking dog away from them! They are gorgeous and if they become dog food I will cry.

  3. Great idea! They'll add a colorful touch to your room
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. They are lovely, I like that french general fabric. I agree with Susan, keep Poppy away.

  5. Oh Jude... I dont know.... They're just asking to be squished and hugged!!!

  6. Oh lovely and squidgy - can't I just sit on one for a bit? Please?! They look so inviting :-)

  7. Oh they're beautiful. I love French General and have some squirrelled away. Seeing these makes me want to pull it all out and play!

  8. Fab cushions - now USE them! They are for a purpose and they will still look beautiful. Di x

  9. Oh these are just gorgeous. I do love reds so much and the linen in just perfect with the FG. Enjoy!

  10. Fantastic cushions! I really must get some tips from you (or take another one of your classes!!)


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