Sunday, 17 June 2012

There's life Jim, but not as we know it!

I must be bonkers!  Well I think most of you already know that and are just too polite to say!

Anyway!  My brain really must live in an alternative universe most of the time, because despite being ridiculously busy, I've only gone and signed up to 3 new online ventures!!

The first one is Brit Quilt Swap round 3:

My Inspiration Mosaic for my secret partner.
I loved taking part in round 1 last year, which was my first experience of being in a swap. I opted out of round 2 (a pillow swap) because I was too busy!  It would seem that not much has changed, so I just decided to not let being busy spoil the fun of being involved with a great bunch of talented folks (just don't tell my husband! He has to live with 'The Grumpy Head' whenever I get too tired!).

This year I've decided to hone in on more of my 'loves' in P&Q - free motion sketching and paper/foundation piecing, as reflected in my mosaic.  But I'm really not that fussy, and have always been delighted with whatever I receive through swaps. The fact that someone has made something with me in mind just tickles me!

Sign ups don't close until 24th June, so if you are interested, pop on over to the Flickr group and sign up.

The 2nd thing I have signed up to is another Bee! 

Modern Irish Bee

When the call went out from the Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland (run by the lovely Cindy & Sarah) earlier this year, I initially said that I would be interested in a reserve capacity i.e. only if they didn't get 12 names. Well guess what?  They didn't and I was offered the place.

This was a group I particularly wanted to join in with, but again felt I was too busy at the time to commit (are you bored yet with the repeating record?).

The funny thing is I won the competition on naming the bee - Modern Irish Bee.  So it feels good to be a part of something I've been involved in naming (I wonder does the Queen ever feel like that -'I name this bee ....').

The bee kicks off in July, so plenty of time yet to panic get ready!

And the final thing I've signed up to? Well I can't actually tell you about that yet!  I will keep you posted though!

So there you have it! Life on planet Judith is definitely warped!  Do the complete opposite of what common sense and a really tired body tells you to and you'll fit right in!

Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend.


  1. I'm holding out on the swap right now as I'm silly busy, however I fully expect to cave sometime in the next week ;o)

  2. I understand, I sort of joined a bunch of things in the last two weeks too. I think maybe it was the retreat, we all want to hang out with our friends.

  3. Round 3?? Oh I just have to go look.

  4. I'm with you on this having just added a third bee to my things to do and a swap leaving myself wondering what I am doing because I always get too stressy when I take too much on.

  5. I thought last month was busy for me but this one might just top it! Good luck and keep your head and foot down!

  6. Oh that is great that you are in the Bee! Now I get more scared!!!

  7. Yep, we're the queen's of over commitment :-)

  8. Yep that's over commitment for you! I nearly didn't sign up for Brit Quilt swap because I thought do I really need another mini quilt. Then I went and signed up straight away ;-)

  9. Funny that! Mega totally overloaded and signed up for the Brit Swap, purse and another too! Shocking! still the paid work keeps coming in and I'd rather be busy than not! :) got to have something happy to fall back on! Hope I get you as my swap partner this time round!

  10. Planet Jude... Certainly sounds like I meet the inhabitant criteria!!

  11. I signed up for the mini quilt too, as I have not made one before: and now thinking 'can I do it' (yes I can!!)

  12. I've stopped looking for common-sense when it comes to joining up to these things - spirit i willing to say no I'm too busy, but the flesh is weak, very weak! You'll have great fun anyway and all these groups and swaps will be so glad to have you!

  13. lol! I have signed up for the brit quilt swap as well it is nice to have goals! x

  14. I'm not too polite to say, "YOU'RE COMPLETELY BONKERS" Didn't we have a wee chat about that the other day?! Good sign ups though ;) xox

  15. I think I'm moving to that planet with you and Sarah!


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