Saturday, 7 April 2012


My classes finished this week for the Easter holidays!

That means I'm officially off work until next Wednesday - Yippee!

Here's a little mosaic of some of the finished and almost finished value quilts that were made by my Thursday class.
My camera doesn't do justice to the wonderful array of colours in these beautiful quilts.

Aren't they amazing!  Well done ladies, and enjoy your beautiful quilts and wallhangings.

Apologies to my Friday class for not taking pictures of the wonderful placemats and coasters they were making!  I didn't quite have my brain in gear yesterday (you can tell I'm ready for a wee holiday!).

Anyways, I did manage a finish of my own this week:

Based on this tutorial.
This is a cushion for my 14 year old niece, whose bedroom is pale pink.

I just went with stippling on the back, and gave my button-holes a bit more practise! 

The auto button hole settings on my Pfaff don't give me a large enough button hole, so I have to combine manual and auto settings, which is a bit of a fiddle, but worth it in the end.

I hope my niece isn't too old yet to still enjoy a cuddle!

Well I'm going 'dark' for a few days now.  Mr Pfaff & my laptop will be getting a much needed rest as me and my family enjoy 3 days of playing board games, watching dvds & reading at the coast.

Have a wonderful Easter break everyone.  Don't eat too much chocolate (oh go on then!)


  1. Yay for loads of finishes, all looking fab there :o)

    Enjoy your break!

  2. I'm loving all those value quilts - although it reminds me I have yet another Unfinished item in the pile. I just haven't been making time to sew enough lately. I'm sure you're niece will love that cushion too. Have a lovely break away x

  3. Have a lovely break Judith :)Those quilts look great and your niece is very lucky to be receiving that pretty cushion

  4. The class quits are wonderful and so is the pillow! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Have a wonderful time, rest up, and enjoy the family time :-) see you back here soon x

  6. Your class have produced some fantastic value quilts. Your pillow is lovely and I am sure that your niece will like it. Enjoy your break and eat some chocolate as it is definitely good for you! Di xo

  7. have a lovely break and those quilts are gorgeous!

  8. You enjoy your break, think you deserve it! Lovely stuff!!

  9. Yeah it's holiday time...... great quilts in those photos, and I love the cushion, and I'm sure your neice will too. have a brilliant few days x

  10. I wish I could get to my chocolate! B won't let me 'til tomorrow :(

    Your class quilts are spectacular! Absolutely beautiful. You must be a proud teacher and they students. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done, Ladies!

  11. Great cushion - well done to your class too!
    Have a lovely Easter x

  12. Have a fantastic break! Beuatiful makes all round :) Happy Easter to you and yours, see you on the dark side!

  13. Hoppy Easter! Have a great break with the family.

  14. Love your HST class projects. And the cushion is gorgeous. Hope you have/had a wonderful break with the family and that the sun shines on you some!

  15. Oh, those quilts look fab! and I love the pink cushion too, you deserve a rest after all that! xx


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