Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cards Anyone?

I'm in 2 online bees at the moment (trying v.hard to resist a third!).

This month in Sew Bee Happy, we were asked to make a card trick block in red and aqua.  And here it is:

This is now winging its way to Leona in America.

Thank you for all your well wishes for my daughter.  Her ankle is still too sore to walk on, but the swelling is going down, and she is adjusting to a more sedate way of life (sometimes!). 

My hair is still intact (just!) because I have a date with these 4 to look forward to tonight!

Oh yeah baby!


  1. Sweet block!
    Have a great concert x

  2. Your block looks fab with 4 different fabrics. Great choices! Your points are also a GAZILLION times better than mine. I'll have to keep practicing :)

  3. Hehehe... no throwing your knickers.... Have a great time! x

  4. Great points! I struggled with mine! Haha take a spare pair - but I thought that was more Tom Jones!

  5. Great block! Can't think how those 4 could have been distracting you though...

  6. Lovely block, and have a great time!


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