Sunday, 16 November 2014

At the Museum!

Mum and Dad weren't the only ones I took to the Ulster Museum today!


They did a stirling job as 'props men', helping me stage my finished Tilda Hourglass Twist Quilt alongside various exhibits.


It's a tricky quilt to photograph because of the pale and muted tones of the Tiny Treasures fabrics. But we certainly enjoyed ourselves in the process!

P1060511 A day at the museum  

In fact, we were almost asked to leave, not realising we weren't actually allowed to take photos in the Art Gallery section!!  Oops!


What fun!

So this little quilt will soon be going into the shop where I work (The Wool Shop, Newtownards) and you can get all the fabrics shown there.


Wishing you all a great start to the new week!

Jude xo


  1. Ooh brilliant idea for the photos! Love the outside sculpture one best.

  2. Beautiful photos, and how funny to be the quilt photography outlaws.

  3. Normally into bright colours but this subtle quilt is really beautiful,Jude. Just worried about your guerrilla photography getting your parents and you in trouble

  4. What a funny way to photograph a quilt. You should have asked to remove the exhibits and hang yours there :)

  5. What a great trip with your parents - great Fotos!

  6. It's a very pretty quilt. I'm imagining you and your folks being chased through the museum by an attendant with the quilt flying out behind you like caped crusaders! The museum made pretty staging for your photo shoot.

  7. Fancy getting your parents into trouble. Lol. Nice quilt. Di x

  8. luckily you got your photos before putting the curators into overdrive!

  9. I would have been in seventh heaven to have visited a museum and found such a stunning 'extra' exhibit! Love it x

  10. Oooh, you rebels getting kicked out ;o)


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