Monday, 7 November 2011

November Bee Blessed Block

It's that time again when we change the block for Bee Blessed Quilts.

Thanks again to those of you who are quilting along with us.  We v.much appreciate your support and contributions.

If you are new to my blog, you are more than welcome to join in our charity quilting Bee and donate some blocks or fabric.  A group of us will then meet every 3 weeks to make up the quilts and gift them to needy local families in Belfast.

This month we will be making Log Cabin blocks.

The measurements and tutorial is below, but first here are the criteria for the blocks:

* We are making these for folks who are senior/elderly & female, so the key words here for fabrics are 'soft' and 'traditional/vintage'.
* For the centre square, please choose a fabric that contrasts with the others, so that it stands out a little.
* For the outer row of 'logs' please make this up in all the same fabric, giving a type of border to the block.
* The other 'logs' can be as varied as you wish.

Tutorial:  This is the 'trim as you go' log cabin method.

Please assume scant 1/4" seam throughout.
You will need 1 x 3.5" square for the centre, 2" strips of varying lengths for the middle 2 rows, and 4 x 2.5" strips for the outer border.
1. I find it helpful to roughly layout my design in advance, to get a good idea of colour balance etc.  There are 3 rows of 'logs' around the centre square, incl. the outer border.

2. When you are happy with your design, take the centre square and the
first strip & sew right sides together.  Don’t worry if your first strip is too long.  After sewing it to the centre square, iron the seam away from the centre and trim to same length as square.

3. Now put a safety pin in the first 'log' to mark it as the starting strip.

4. Attach the next strip by sewing it down the right hand side of the centre square & first strip.  Again iron the seams away from the centre and trim to size.

Continue adding the remaining 2 strips in a clockwise direction around the centre square.

When round 1 is complete you may want to square the piece before adding round 2.

The seams should all be lying away from the centre.

5. Start attaching round 2 by sewing a 'log' above the strip with the pin in it.

 6. When you have ironed & trimmed this log, move the safety pin to this log - this is now the starting log of round 2.

7.   Continue rounds 2 & 3 the same as steps 2-6 above.   Remember to move the safety pin onto the ‘first strip’ at the start of each round, & square the piece after each round.

8.    By the end of round 3, iron & trim the piece to measure 12.5” square.

Have fun with this block (it's one of my favourites!).

Looking forward to seeing what you create, and don't forget to post pics of your blocks in the Bee Blessed Flickr group!

Judith xo


  1. I thought I was done with the 'granny fabric'! Think I have some blue floral left and I'm sure there are other lurkers xxx

  2. Lovely tute Judith - thank you!

  3. I shall see what I can do, not sure how much 'little old lady' fabric I have!

  4. I'll see what fabric I can find - great tutorial!

  5. Should have enough from my hexie pile to do a block or two... I think!

  6. Great tute Judith :-) will have a bash anyhow's ;-)

  7. lovely tutorial and I like "granny" fabric! I am sure I could manage something!

  8. Just finishing mine off, J! Will post photos soon and have them off to you early this week (w/grannys crapys for your bee!).

  9. How do you figure out how much material you will need for quilt top as a twin size?

  10. Log cabin is what fired my interest in quilts all those years ago, but your tute has been the light bulb moment and have finally made a 'perfect' block. Thank you.

  11. I want to make myself a log cabin quilt. I have wanted to for a long time. I think now is the time to move on to doing it instead of just thinking about it. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  12. I needed a pattern to turn diagonally after the block was done. This is perfect. Thank you so much.

  13. I love the pattern. I just need exact measurements for each color please. I'm a newbie to quilting and I have no idea how much fabric is needed to make this a twin size quilt. (This is my husband's email)

  14. I want to make a log cabin quilt bed runner .What dimensions should it be

  15. I just found your site and I love it. This block is beautiful. I look forward to receiving your blog.

  16. This is such a nice version of the log cabin. thanks

  17. I love your pattern . Was just gonna Google to find a log cabin pattern and the I s was in my email. Thanks

  18. I love your pattern . Was just gonna Google to find a log cabin pattern and the I s was in my email. Thanks

  19. I love your pattern . Was just gonna Google to find a log cabin pattern and the I s was in my email. Thanks

  20. Would love to make queen size quilt. How much fabric for each color
    Thank you kindly. Linda

  21. I'm counting seven fabric choices for this log cabin pattern. Is that correct. If I wanted to make this for a twin size quilt how much of each fabric do I need? This is my second quilt. I had three different helpers for my first quilt.

  22. I want to make this for a King size bed. How much of each fabric is needed?(This is a family email account). Thanks,

  23. Love this pattern. I TOO WOULD LIKE THE DIMENSIONS of each square and amount of fabric I would need.I want to make a queen size quilt.Thank you in advance.


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