Monday, 21 February 2011

Recycled Denim

I live in jeans 365 (pretty much!) and always have a pair or two to cut up.

Denim is such a great material to recycle and is strong and durable enough for handbags.  I made a few of these crazy patchwork ones last year for a bag sale, and loved how they turned out (they sold really well too!).

I've also used different coloured denim for a weekend bag which I'm currently teaching in class.  I even used the tie belt from one pair of jeans to make the handles!

I've even used denim in cushion making, although I don't recommend mixing denim with lighter weight fabric scraps.  Keep everything to the same weight and you'll be fine!

Other uses for denim I've found are doorstops - again strong and strudy for such a heavy object.

I'm afraid charity shops don't ever get my discarded jeans now!


  1. Yay, we made it! Link fixed and now clicked through to here - love all of these, especially the doorstop!

  2. Love your work!! Thanks for joining me and posting your first quilt - we have much in common, C & G and teaching class, I do classes here in Ayrshire.Look forward to keeping in touch.


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