Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bethany's Cushion & Flickr Pics!

I have succombed even more to this technological age and set up a photo stream on Flickr (you'll find a button on my blog which should link directly to it).  Flickr is a great place to 'surf' for inspiration on a vast range of crafts & projects. 

As I was uploading some pics I was reminded of a cushion I made recently which I haven't yet blogged about. 

My youngest daughter's favourite colour is green; she even got her bedroom decorated green & white last year!

I'd already made her a log cabin cushion for her bed, to match her new bed linen ...... 

..... but thought a floor cushion would come in handy for the many hours she spends playing with toys on her bedroom floor!

I had seen a lovely quilting technique on the web (sorry can't remember where - if I come across it I'll put a linky in here!) & wanted to try it out so thought of doing it floor cushion size (24") for Bethany's bedroom. 

The strips were foundation pieced onto the wadding, so the piecing and quilting all happened at the same time.  I then outline quilted the strips with a variegated thread (not so obvious in the pics) which was a new, decorative technique for me.  I really like this effect, especially against a plain while background.

Bethany loves her cushion and drags it around the house to sit on wherever she goes.  Needless to say it won't stay white for very long!

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