Thursday, 23 June 2016

Summer Starburst Quilt!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Summer seems to have relocated around these parts, so in an attempt to bring you lots of summer colour and happiness, check out my Summer Starburst Quilt!

Summer Starburst Quilt (Popular Patchwork July16)

This started out as a 'scrap buster' project, after I got enquiries on how to use larger pieces of scraps (less than a fat quarter metre).

Summer Starburst Quilt (Popular Patchwork July16)

The design is based on the arrow-head block (half square triangles and squares), and you could easily change the colourways to suit whatever you have in your stash.

Summer Starburst Quilt (Popular Patchwork July16)

I really love the 'colour splat' effect from the rounds of colour - it makes me smile and think of a warm, hot summer (a girl can dream)!

This pattern is available in the July issue of Popular Patchwork, and it made front cover!! Woohoo!

Popular Patchwork cover.July

Isn't the styling gorgeous!  Loving the cute bike!

So what I want to know is, do you like scrappy projects? How do you use your scraps?  And what's the smallest size you keep?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jude xo


  1. What an awesome, colorful quilt!! Congratulations on your quilt being on the cover. That's such a creative way of using scraps.

  2. Gorgeous. Happy summer. x

  3. Fantastic! Love the styling in the magazine. I keep all scraps!!! The very tiny pieces I use for applique jobs.

  4. Enjoy your quilts and blog - since I am in the US, I got a digital copy of the magazine and can't wait to try this pattern. thanks :)

  5. It's great! It looks so dynamic! I must try to get hold of a copy of the magazine.

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  7. Love the quilt! Love projects using scraps!

  8. Wow, that quilt is stunning! And congratulations for the feature on the cover :)


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