Sunday, 25 October 2015

Brit Bee Round 4!

We are off and running!

Brit Bee Round 4 is a go, and it's just as well we have a super-complicated clever table to keep us on the straight and narrow!

Said table was designed by the equally clever Hadley, who I just happen to be making for this month!!

Here's the science bit...

Brit Bee R4 Susan's block for Hadley Oct15

This block was designed by Susan, made by me, for Hadley!! (next month I will make Jo's block for Sarah! Savvy?)

You see, we have each designed a 15" x 30" block, so over the course of the year, we will make each other's blocks, in the colour/fabric preferences of the next person in the table!  At the end of 12 months, we will each have received 12 blocks (made by others) in addition to our own 15" x 30" and 15" square starter blocks, to make up the quilts as we please.

I'm so glad I'm in a bee with really smart & talented people!!

Jude xo


  1. Such a fun idea! Can't wait to see the quilts you talented ladies produce! That's a gorgeous block :)

  2. What a stunning block!!! You did such a fantastic job, it's a beauty.

  3. Thank you. thank you, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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