Monday, 13 February 2012

CUTS! CUTS! CUTS! (at least not the austerity ones!)

I feel like all I've been doing in my sewing room lately is cutting!

As part of the lovely Sarah's Stained QAL, there are 11 fqs to cut up into a miriad of ways, before we start to put blocks together.  

I've got 6 cut, 5 more to go!

This will be an 18th Birthday Quilt for my nephew!
I then started cutting up the fabric I got for my other nephew, who turns 18 in May.

These are mostly Surf Time by R.Kaufman with a little Swoon thrown in, kindly donated by another lovely Sarah.
I'm really liking how this is turning out, despite initial reservations about it being too floral!  I'm waiting on 2 more fqs to come from The Fat Quarter Shop, and then I can start piecing . 

I also cut up an entire Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 layer cake, pieced it and hastily fell out of love with it!  

I'm experimenting with a simple quilt construction for my beginners class in May and thought working from a pre-cut would be a great place to start.  But this particular collection definitely needs solid sashing to break it up!  Live and learn! 

So with no more money to waste spend on fabric, I started cutting 10" squares from the oodles of denim-esk fabric I have, with some of my charity shop finds and other stash fabrics.

Not the finished layout!
I'm liking this one much more, and can even see me finishing it off with some simple hand quilting in the solid squares.

And finally, I've cut out the pieces for my cushion tutorial which will be featured on Sarah's blog next month.

Phew!  What a lot of cutting!  (And what a lot of Sarah's!)

Just need to get sewing now!


  1. oh I know the feeling with the Stained QAL - i did all mine yesterday knowing that if I didn;t do it all in one go I might never go back to it. Keep going!

  2. Ooh, you have been busy, hope your hand hasn't got cramp after all that cutting! I'm still working out what to do with my Circa 1934 but I'll cross that off the list now... And now I'm off to cut up my freshly starched fabrics for the Stained QAL too...

  3. Ooooo liking your fabrics for the QAL, and as predicted that surfer dude quilt is going to be FAB-U-LOUS! Sorry you're not feeling the Cosmo Cricket, what are you going to do with it? x

  4. Thank goodness for rotary cutters - imagine having to do that lot with scissors. Love the surf boards fabric!

  5. Talk about the cutting edge! You have been busy! that's a lot of lovlienss :)

  6. I love your layer cake top - looks great from here! Enjoy stitching all those pieces!!

  7. Your QAL and 18th birthday quilts are going to be fabulous.
    I completely understand what you mean RE the repro fabrics. I bought a large set ages ago, loved them, then fell out of love as soon as it was arranged. I think it's the little tiny print on 30's fabric, maybe? xx

  8. My hands ache just thinking about all that cutting! Give the Cosmo Cricket time and it'll grow on you xxx

  9. You are always so productive-- it would take me days to do what you have done. But they all look v. fun and some great fabrics there. You may have fallen out of love w/ c. 1934 but I'm sure someone else will love it. I like the pattern you are using for Surf Time.

  10. Hehehe we're ten a penny... sarahs.. lol The cosmo looks lovely to me sweetie, maybe you just need to step back and have a few days of not looking at it? Liking the look of the upcycled top too, and hand quilting the solid squares will look lovely!
    Happy cutting, may your blades stay sharp!

  11. That is a lot of cutting! I am behind on the QAL already then!! I don't think the cosmo looks so bad. I think Sarah is right, give it a day or two. If you still hate it I think you have a donation for Bee Blessed.

  12. I love your cosmo cricket creation! I'm sure the density of colours might be broken up with some lighter coloured quilting

  13. I've not starting cutting for the QAL yet but you look super organised! I love the quilts you're working on and hope you'll love the Cosmo again - I really like it!


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