Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another Crazy Quiltalong!

I have tried to resist this one since I heard about it a few days ago, but today my resolve broke and I've signed up to another Quilt Along (I haven't finished the Lily's Quilts one yet! I must be mad!).

Aneela Hoey from Comfort Stitching is hosting a crazy patchwork quilt along. 

This QAL uses 2 of my favourite things - scraps and crazy patchwork.  Click on the button above to check out Aneela's gorgeous blocks.  V.inspiring!

She also has a tutorial on how to make the basic block. 

The QAL hasn't started yet, so there's still plenty of time for folks to hmmm and haaaa, rummage through their scraps, before buckling at the knees and signing up!


  1. I am still resisting this one! I joined the naked bed challenge as I need a proper quilt for my bed. But the scrappy blocks are wonderful, I am not sure how long I will resist....

  2. Hee Hee! You need a curfew on your blog time so you can't get into any more QAL bother! I know this one will be fab for you. So glad you are having fun!


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