Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Made for Me!

Having a dedicated sewing room tucked upstairs in the house is a wonderful place to escape to and bury myself in creative industry, working on new projects for classes, commissions and presents.  Time goes by at such a rate that I'm blissfully unaware of life carrying on around me, outside my inner world.  So much so that my husband has had to install a door bell extension in my sewing room so I can remember that other life forms do exist 'out there' - especially postmen!  I sometimes feel like I come out of hibernation & back into reality when I leave my sewing room! 

By this time of year however, I'm ready to indulge in making things for myself and spending less time in my 'lock-up', integrating more with the other humans I live with!  A dedicated creative space is great, but it's not very sociable.  So when spending time downstairs with the family, or watching TV, I like to crochet (my hands always seem to need something to do!).  I never took to knitting as a child (despite the enforced 'knit-ins' at school).  But when a great Aunt taught me to crochet at 8 years of age, I took to it instantly and found the quick making up of projects very gratifying. 

I haven't crocheted a thing since last Christmas, when I made 2 cushions for my lounge, and several other pieces for a craft fair (which sold really well!).  So when I found a great wee pattern for a crotched basket on chickpea studios I couldn't wait to try it.  I bought 3 balls of household string (eventually using 2.5) and went for it. 

I haven't crocheted with string before, and despite what felt like an upper body workout, and some very sore fingers later, this is what I produced.  It took me a few evenings to make, and I went for a pale green trim round the rim and in the handles.  I love the finished result and am still looking for a prominent place in which to show it off!!!!!

For any crochet enthusiasts out there, I would highly recommend this wee project.


  1. So glad you made something for yourself - you are always so generously giving everything away. You've done such a lovely job on this little basket, it looks great! I have already added it to my To Do list for 2011 (probably actually do it in 2013). xx

  2. Oh, your fingers must have been red raw by the end! Worth it, though!


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