Saturday, 6 February 2016

Cushion Love!

Continuing the 'Love' theme this month, here are the 2 cushions I submitted for publication:

Quilt Now (Feb issue):

My DP Heart Cushion in Feb16 Quilt Now

Similar to my 'Drunken Hearts' quilt, this cushion is made using drunken path units to form the curved tops of the heart (Katy the editor named it 'Dunk Your Heart' because it reminded her of Jammie Dodger biscuits!).

I chose the sweetest red Lecien 30's Fabric Collection with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Flax for the background.

DP Heart Cushion in Feb16 Quilt Now

Frumble sell a wonderful range of pom pom trim and I couldn't resist going for giant red pom poms to finish off this round cushion.

Sewing World (Feb issue):

Chenille Heart Cushion Feb16 Sewing World

This is my Chenille Heart Cushion, with a positive and negative front and back.


Chenille is a 'layering and slashing' technique, creating raw edges which turn fluffy when washed. It's a wonderfully tactile finish, perfect for a snuggly cushion don't you think!

Chenille class sample

So if you are looking for a valentines gift idea for that someone special, grab yourself one of these magazines and get cracking!  You've still got time!

Jude xo


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