Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I've been helping a lovely lady get her blocks finished for her Brit Bee Star quilt.

Using some of her luscious fabrics I made up 2 star blocks:

Terri's star blocks

The first one is from this tutorial. The 2nd one is from a template I had been asked to use in a previous bee.  But I completely forgot that when I made these blocks before they finish up less than 12.5", due to sizing differences when downloading the templates.  Darn!  I have a sieve for brains!

Thankfully the blocks are still useable, phew!

I also got these blocks made for Bee Blessed, using this tutorial:

Bee Blessed Blocks Mar13

These are such fun to make! Thank you everyone for sending in such lovely blocks this month.

I also got my nephew's Plus quilt quilted today, and am looking forward to an evening in front of the telly sewing on the binding!

Have a great Wednesday!

P.S. The concert last night was brilliant!  The only tears came when my bum went numb after sitting for 3.5hrs! LOL!


  1. 3.5hrs!!! That is one long concert and you think that the school would not do that to you. Loving the blocks. You are always such a perfect piecer!

  2. Ooo! I love the reverse churns. That's such a wonderful idea!

  3. Beautiful blocks, and I feel for your bum, if you know what I mean ;) xxx

  4. wonderful! Hope your bum has feeling again!

  5. Fab blocks, so bright and cheery :o)

  6. Beautiful blocks. I told you to watch your pressure areas! Di x

  7. Numb bum - love it! And the blocks :)

  8. Fab blocks! Love H's concern for your posterior!


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