Sunday, 25 November 2012

Messy Fun!

I started my new Brooches & Fabric Craft class last week.

The first week was all about playing with fimo (making buttons) and water soluble fabric.

Brooches class Nov12 Brooches Class Nov12

And over the next few weeks we will be making a variety of brooches and flowers.  Here is a sample of what they'll be having a go at!

Brooches Class Nov12

We will be experimenting with satin stitch, free motion sketching, suffolk puffs (yo yo's) and how to make use of all those leftover scraps that usually find their way into the bin!

I hope you've all had a great weekend!

Some of my lovely Brit Bee and bloggy friends were meeting up at Susan's today!  I'm so jealous I couldn't be with them again (just like we were in July)!  You can see some really fun photos of the afternoon here.

As for me, I spent most of the weekend reorganising and sorting my sewing room to accommodate some new open shelving (thank goodness for Ikea!) with the help of my long suffering hubby!  Thank you dearest!

To all my GB readers, stay dry and safe!


  1. What a fab class. How I wish that I could attend too as it looks like a lot of fun. Di x

  2. Hi Judith--
    Visiting after a very long hiatus from quilting/sewing and blogging. I love seeing what you are up to. If I lived abroad, I would most certainly be signed up for your Brooches and Fabric Crafts class!! I love seeing the "All you need is Love" pillow in your header-- my husband is a huge Beatles fan and my 5 yr old son loves to watch Yellow Submarine. Perhaps I can add it to my "to make" list when I decided I'm ready to return to sewing (which I've been having thoughts about...) Hope all is well with you and your loved ones across-the-pond!! I miss you and I'm sure you've been up to wonderful things (that I'm not quite ready to look at-- too painful to see what I've been missing out on). Working hard on pulling out of this last "episode" of depression, but not quite there yet. Focussing on the family and home, yoga and mindfulness and reading self-help books voraciously. Hopefully all the effort will kick in. Enjoy the holiday season!

  3. Well, getting the sewing space is all well and good but I would much rather it stayed as it was and you were here with us this past weekend.

  4. This sounds like a brilliant class..... if only I lived nearer! x

  5. Looks fun - but I think your classes always would be!

  6. Looks like a class full of fun! The brooches they're going to make are wonderful!

  7. That looks like a fun class and new shelves are my favourite!

  8. I've missed both - but have been given my orders for March!

  9. These are fabulous, really like them :)
    Karen x

  10. Enjoyed the class so much last week, despite suffering from vertigo.!!!
    looking forward to more on Thursday. D.V.

  11. Loved class on Friday and can't wait to get started on brooches this week! Christmas presents sorted! :)

  12. Looks like fun was being had by all :o)


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