Friday, 8 June 2012

Carry on Regardless!

It has been a real struggle trying to get my head back into 'work' mode after the exhilaration and over-stimulation of the FQR.

Here in N.I. it isn't half term, and after having an extra day off for the Jubilee weekend, the little darlings were back at school on Wednesday.  So there was no excuse for me not to get my head down and get some work done!

But somehow, my hands were magically drawn to 'other' projects!

Like my Brit Bee block for Trudi, who is kicking off our 2nd year with 'Flying Geese'.

Approx. 16.5" x 20.5"
Our lovely Trudi gave us the choice of 2 x 12.5" blocks or a larger block.

As per usual, I started off with one idea, and ended up doing something completely different!  But I love flying geese, love the end result of this large block, and LOVE the Valorie Wells Karavan fabrics I got to play with!  Thanks T!

And as if that wasn't distraction enough, I then carried onto my next bee block, for Henny in Sew Bee Happy.

'Maybe' from 99 Modern Blocks pg 110 

Henny wanted graduated colour, with an inspiring word that was meaningful to us.

Now I must have taken 20 photographs of this block in just as many locations, and still failed to capture the true colours here.  The middle green is actually a chartreuse shade of green - all of them are darker here than in real life.

But it went into the post to Indonesia regardless!  I think Henny will be happier with the actual block than this poor representation.

Well that was my fill of being distracted from work.  Having a little playtime was lovely - now back to the real world!


  1. Absolutely love the flying geese fabric, so bright and cheerful.

  2. I am kind of happy to hear I'm not the only one who left here brain and mojo in London. Loving your two blocks though.

  3. I've just looked in Trudi's baggie - BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your blocks looks lovely x

  4. I love my block! And I have offered H some Red so she no longer has to work in brown! Henny's block is just delightful!

  5. I totally haven't got my head back in the game yet! I'm still pondering those geese too...

  6. Oh boy Jude those geese look perfect... could you not have set the bar a smidge lower? ;-)

  7. Love the flying geese and the material!!! X

  8. Those blocks are wonderful! It's funny how sometimes no matter what you do you cannot photograph the colours right. I keep threatening to go to photography school as there must be tricks.

  9. Really like these - as usual! The flying geese are lovely and something I haven't tried yet. Maybe after seeing you do them this might change. Well done on dragging yourself back to the sewing machine, it can be hard getting back into and then as soon as you sit down I usually find that I can't drag myself away :) - Geraldine

  10. I love both blocks but really, really want the geese block!! Hope you get some time to catch up with yourself soon!

  11. Trudi's block is just beautiful! Fabulous make!
    I have to get to sewing Hennie's block. It's an interesting one, so I'm looking forward to it :)


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